Always had a love of practical and logical things. First worked machines at age 9 at fathers small factory at weekends. Could work most machines by 14 and after leaving school, worked as apprentice on toolmaking, and defence jobs.

Was works manager of family business at 24 and was involved in changes to produce special machines.

Was responsible for fitting out new factory and subsequent production of transfer machines and special projects for such as Ford, Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Daimler Benz.

Had first Scott in 1967 and started to make Scott spares when it broke its crank the same year. Supplied Tom Ward and George Silk with Scott items for resale. Started racing in 1970 with vintage Scott and modern production bikes of the period such as Laverda and Ducati. Was president of British Formula Racing Club for many years and a member of VMCC racing section organising committee.

With demise of Moss Machine Tools Ltd in 1993, I considered what I would most enjoy in my later life.

I decided to have a modest cottage with a workshop and work “hands on”.

Moss Engineering make laser beam manipulator and workpiece manipulator and EDM rotary spindle modules for aerospace machine tools for work on aero engine components. We have produced batches of high strength crankshafts for Scotts and now have started to produce copies of the upgraded Scott type components that I had made for my own use over a period of 36 years.