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Roger Moss: References

 I try and remember that “Nobody likes a Smart Ass” but then I think about someone who has a Scott that needs help who is remote from the UK scene.  He has found this website and wonders “Who is this Roger Moss? Does he know anything and is he honest?”  Unfortunately honesty and fair play is no longer something that we can take for granted.  When our family company that made special machinery fell in 1992, I decided to work alone and thus could not sell to the big league as before.  If I had new customers, they would have no knowledge of my form, good or bad, so I asked a few ex-customers if they could give me a reference.  I promise that I have not hidden the bad ones!  I post these, not to bask in my own cleverness, as I was a duffer at school and never went to university. I learned by the old apprenticeship type shop floor training aided by the great luck that nature gave me a natural ability to understand logical systems.
The thing that makes me feel humble about these references, is not the reference to ability, as I said, this is just luck, but the mention of honesty, which is something very close to my heart.
So, if you do not know me and wonder if you should risk trusting this Roger Moss, then perhaps a scan through a few of these references might set your mind at rest.  I do not claim to be perfect, but I care about what I do and try my best to give the best engineering service for Scotts in the world.

1)Atlantis Diesel Engines South Africa

2)SAMCOR (Ford) South Africa 

3)SAMCOR P.E. (Ford) South Africa

4)Ford (UK)

5)Rolls Royce

6)Scott Engine rebuild customer

Moss Machine Tools (A short history)

Roger Moss spent over thirty years in the Special Purpose machine tools industry as part of the Leicester company  'Moss Machine Tools' , with customers in the Automotive, Aerospace, Defence and domestic appliance sectors.

The family company, started by his father Frederick Moss in 1946, was internationally reknowned for its insights into new manufacturing solutions and the very high quality of its products.

Its work with Rolls Royce in the 1980's to develop jet engine blade manufacturing technology was considered by their project manager to be central to the success that led to Rolls Royce winning the Queens award for innovation in 1989.

Moss Machine Tools was a victim of the decline in Manufacturing Industry, and finally closed its doors in 1991, not before manufacturing one of the most innovative special purpose machine tools that was created at the time for Ford Motor company.

Roger was cited by many as having been central to the success of Moss Machine Tools, and in his roles of Works Manager and Technical Director he was able to go some way to bring the realities of the shop floor metal cutting experience into the drawing office, to achieve designs that were both ground breaking and elegant in their simplicity.

To see a 20minute piece about some of the last machines made by 'Moss Machine Tools' : please click here (20 meg)

Moss Engineering was started by Roger in 1992, to focus on small scale precision toolroom engineering.

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