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Scott racers gallery

Greetings to Scott racers worldwide, both active and "resting".  The idea here is to demonstrate that the Scott can be used with spirit, not only on the road, but on the track also.  As the official club website caters for the more usual road rider, we try to cater for those for whom normality is not quite enough!

We hope to demonstrate to any aspiring Scott owner who visits this site, that in addition to being a unique riding experience, it can also be passionately zestful when you and your trusty steed gallop together with true spirit.

We ask any past or present Scott racers if they would consider to send us a photo and some details of their bike and racing history, so we can show the world that there are more of us than they might think!

Life is too short to miss the unique experience that is the Scott!

Scott racing on DVD or video

We have a commercially filmed record of our Scott in competition at Lydden circuit 25/26 June 2005 ridden by Paul Dobbs.  If you wish to see how a Scott can go, here's the proof!

on DVD £20     on Video £22  including Packing &Postage Europe    Other countries as per postal charges

The irrepressible Ted Parkin

Only Ted Parkin could have entered the Klausen Hill Climb race on a Scott outfit.  His throttle cable failed and he rode through all the hairpin bends and by the significant drops with a hastily rigged hand throttle.  The concept of retiring never entered his head!  Seen here with his late, much missed partner Pam.

Moss Engineering are delighted to help Ted with a project to build a very competitive vintage racing Scott sidecar outfit in memory of Pam

Armin Fischer

Dear Roger,
for your gallery I would like to send you the following photograph taken in 2003
on a road circuit in the north of the Netherlands called t`Zandt-Zeerip. I own
this 1932 Scott now for nearly ten years and for about three years I take part
racing ar the H.M.V..

if you want to know bob click here

Ela Heck

Ela is a talented photoprinter from Wuppertal in Germany.  She has enough Zest for a regiment!

Ela has two Scotts, a Two speeder and a Flyer intended for racing.  Her partner Rene Knauf is helping to develop the bike on his rolling road dyno.

I do not have a photo of Ela racing her Scott yet, but here is one of her on her trusty Maico in a classic race

Rene Knauf

Rene is a qualified engineer who has turned his talents to motorcycle engineering.  He is a successful classic racer in Europe and found a whole new scope for his talents in uplifting Ela's flyer for racing.

Note the concentration on the face in this atmospheric "on bike" dyno shot

Mauritz Taubert

Mauritz is an airline pilot from Germany and a new convert to both Classic racing and Scotts.  He bought the Ex John Griffiths Scott flyer racer that was prepared by George Silk in the early 1970's.  Mauritz is awaiting a full race engine from Moss and then intends to totally enjoy himself.

As I do not have a photo of Mauritz with bike, here is one of the "Grab the Flag" racing team of Ela, Rene and Mauritz when they visited us to collect cranks for their Scott racers.  L to R  Marina my wife, Ela, Mauritz and Rene.

Visit their website at

or is it


Fredy Bossert

Fredy lives near Zurich and is a lover of cars and bikes of true character.  We first met Fredy when he encouraged a group of us to travel to Switzerland to compete in the Klausen mountain pass race.

We were elated to have ten Scotts at the top of the mountain, but sadly, Fredyís short stroke three speed Flyer was not amongst the group.  He later visited us with his son Andre, to discuss what he needed to give his Scott the stamina to match itís spirit.

A great character, a great competitor, supported with understanding by Jeanette his wife © 2003

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