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   Recommended Contractors

Although we have comprehensive facilities, from time to time we need the help of services that are not within our capacity or speciality.  Not all contractors are able to give the quality of service we require.

We list here those contractors who we have used and found technically sound and financially fair.  We are very pleased to receive information about other contractors who have given good service.

After a lifetime in precision engineering, we are very aware that any contractor should be given clear and explicit technical instructions.  A concise enquiry should be given and a concise quotation should be received in return.  Clear agreement as regards characteristics and heat treatment of metals, tolerances, delivery and price should be agreed in advance.   Most unsatisfactory contracts are a result of poor attention to details at the outset.  You will pay with good money, so you should expect to receive good parts.

It is a pleasure to deal with true professionals!

Electro Plating

For industrial plating, Hard Chrome, Silver plating, aerospace plating processes

Michrome Electro-Plating Ltd
Harrowbrook Road
Harrowbrook Trading Estate
Hinckley  LE10 3DJ  UK

Contact  Brenden McKenna

Tel 01455-637 156

Comments.  Michrome have done my plating for 35 years of complete satisfaction.  Their "Silchromel" hard chrome plating is excellent and my race bike is still on the same chrome bore since 1977

Grinding services

Accurate Grinding Centre.

Contact Channi Chaunhan

Unit 15A
Dawsons Lane Ind Est
LE9 8BE   UK

Tel  01455 840 888
Mob  07957 183 478

Comments  Grinding only, surface, external, universal, internal.  Professional service

Grinding Services

Exhall Grinding & Eng Co Ltd
Unit No 44 Bayton Road

Contact Barry Hudson

Tel 02476 361 111


Comments  Wide range of grinding plant including large internal and centreless and precision honing.

Serving the aerospace industry to high standards.

Lathework and straightforward milling

TJ Engineering                      
Unit 1, Kings Court                                 
 Kingsfield Road                                  
Leicester  LE9 8NZ    UK

Contact John Anderton

Tel 01455 844 244


Comments   John Anderton is a very capable engineer.  He trues up Scott flywheels for us, (our lathe will not swing this diameter)  He has made many items for us, knows what is required for motorcycle applications and can use his initiative.

Aluminium Castings

Victoria Street Foundry Ltd.
Victoria Street
Leics  LE7 8LF

Contact  John Hudson

Tel 0116 260 8100

Comments.  Very obliging and economical small jobbing aluminium foundry.  Will often make cast aluminium covers from original samples or simple patterns.  Ideal for components not requiring great strength such as engine blocks and heads.               Used by Ken Lack for Scott side covers for many years.

Aluminium Castings

Accrite Aluminium Ltd.
Unit 10,  South Leicester Ind Est
Beverage Lane,  Ellistown,
Leicester  LE67  1EU   UK

Contact  Brian Smith

Tel 01530 263 038

Comments  Brian Smith was a production manager for R C Harrisons of Leicester for many years.  That company had an outstanding reputation for quality and expertise.  Harrisons gave up jobbing floor moulding to concentrate on automated high production casting production.  Brian Smith set up his own company doing one off and small batch jobbing floor moulding castings.  Accrite Aluminium Ltd produce our Scott type crankcases, barrels, heads, carbs, in LM25TF which is a modern high strength low expansion alloy.  Quality is excellent. 

Malleable Iron Castings

Metalcast (Bilston) Ltd
93 Wolverhampton Street
Bilston  WV14 0LU

Contact  Mike O'Conner

Metalcast (Bilston) Ltd.

Iron Castings, malleable iron castings.

Tel 01902 403 331

Comments  It is not easy nowdays to find foundries who will not only consider one off or small batch jobbing work, but to find such a foundry who can cast malleable iron correctly, as used for brake drums of vintage bikes and fork and frame lugs is a real find!  Metalcast are suppliers to the Vincent OC spares organisations.

More to come!

We will list more of our trusted suppliers as time permits.  If you have a particular problem as regards supply not catered for here yet, please enquire by email preferred or by phone if urgent.

More Recommended Suppliers

I made a list for the newsletter that  duplicates some itemised above, but with some valuable extra contacts.

In view of the time to edit to one list, I copy the extended new list whole and hope you will excuse duplication.


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Supplier Lists

We recently had a call from an owner in USA.  He said it was becoming more difficult to find small companies who could take on the small specialised jobs required by owners of historic vehicles.  He said that bigger companies were committed to production flow and could not consider such disruptive jobs.  He said that the UK was lucky in having a “Cottage Industry” that could cater for such needs.

To start this off, I will compile a list of suppliers who I have used personally and can vouch for the quality of the product and the fairness of the price.  This is not to suggest that others are not equally deserving, but only that I personally have no experience of their service.

The first supplier I should recommend is for sheds.  Stan Thomas claims that Scott Motorcycles were conceived as a way of promoting the sale of sheds.  He claims that it was recognised that every Scott would need a shed in which to spend many snug years whilst they were being “restored”  He claims that this gave great satisfaction to many who were seeking a purpose in life, and that the satisfaction was in the journey, rather than the arrival.  Indeed many feared the evil day when the “restoration” would be complete.  The Scott shed was an alternative to the shed on the local allotment.  A cosy retreat in which to pass endless happy days.  The “good lady” (or “her indoors”) is very happy with this arrangement, as she knows exactly that her spouse is quite beyond the reach predatory females or other fascinations.

However, we are now entering an era where a new generation of owners are not content to be mechanical monks, but wish the zest of the open road, the next horizon, the thrill of riding a well prepared bike on good roads in blissful scenery.  (Try the A68 south of Edinburgh!)  And More!!  We wish to introduce you to each other, to savour new friendships, to know that you are not alone in enjoying the Scott fellowship -----of the road!


As our Newsletter is for those who have embraced the internet, we give website links or email address, unless the supplier has no internet connection.


Magnetos  New  Self generating electronic.  Vintage appearance 

BT-H Magnetos Ltd         Leicestershire UK


Magnetos  Rebuilder and spares BTH Lucas etc.

Independent Ignition Supplies


Special ignition systems

Rex Caunt Racing


Spark Plugs

NGK Co        We use NGK spark plugs in our racer with complete confidence.  Check out this website for info

                    And this one for the UK


Rev Counters Electronic. “Scitsu”   Pick up from HT lead.  Vintage in appearance, works with mags.

Dawson Harmsworth Ltd.

PO Box 3606

Sheffield  S6 2YZ

Tel UK  0114 233 7460


Scott big end roller plates

Laurie Erwood   (SOC member)


Tyres, oil, all types of accessories

Ken Inwood.    Hersham Racing Service

173 Hersham Road,

Hersham  Nr Walton on Thames


Tel UK  01932 229 547


Amal Spares plus Classic British Bike Spares

Hitchcocks Motorcycles


Scott Radiators  New and repair

John Hodges  Darrad Radiators


Dynomometer setting up and tuning

Dave Holmes     Operating a dyno is not enough.  For good setting up you need a water brake dyno and a really skilled engine specialist who can interpret the readings.  Absolutely the best way to set up any engine. Coventry UK


Control Cables

T Johnson (Cables) G.B.


Hard Chrome plating including bores

Michrome Electro Plating           Coventry UK


Engineering Patterns for quality replacement castings.     Melton Mowbray UK

Tony Pacey       ( Tony has made my patterns for 35 years – says it all!)


Brake Linings, Clutch linings, British bike spares.

Supreme Motorcycles          Earl Shilton   UK


Authentication of Scott Motorcycles by SOC Registrar.  Send details and photo by post with SAE

John Underhill                  Leicester   UK


John Underhill

74 Greengate Lane,


Leicester.  LE4 3DL



Aluminium Castings.  Top quality floor moulding in high strength aluminium.  Heads, barrels, cases etc.

Accrite Aluminium Ltd.

Unit 10,  South Leicester Ind Est

Beverage Lane,  Ellistown,

Leicester  LE67  1EU


Tel UK  01530 263 038

Aluminium Castings.  Traditional 3 man skilled aluminium foundry.  They do not pour high strength alloys, but are specialists in odd single items and can often make a duplicate of a sample without having a new wooden pattern.  Ken Lack and myself have used them for years for covers, guards, etc.

Victoria Street Foundry Ltd.
Victoria Street
Leics  LE7 8LF


Tel UK  0116 260 8100

Iron Castings including Malleable iron brake drums etc

Metalcast (Bilston) Ltd

93 Wolverhampton Street

Bilston  WV14 0LU



Piston Rings Made to order

Phil Daintree

Phil Daintree

22 Hawkstone Road


Manchester  N45 7PJ


Tel  UK 0161 766 4487


Engraving        Leicester UK           (He engraves degree graduations on our flywheels and crank screws)

Robinson Engraving

15 Ruskin Avenue,


Leics,  LE7 2BY


Tel UK  0116 260 5998



Scott Owners Club Spares Scheme    (Please note the SOC Spares Scheme can only sell to SOC members)


Scott Engine and transmission rebuilding  Specialist in 2 speed gears

Ken Lack

5 Norton Lees Square

Sheffield  S8 8SP


Tel  UK  0114 281 1250


Scott Engine and Transmission rebuilding

Tim Sharp         

14 Hazel Beck,          

Cottingley Bridge,


Yorks.  BD16 1LZ


Tel UK  01274 567 528


Scott Engine and Transmission rebuilding

Sam Pearce Motorcycles


Scott Engine and Transmission rebuilding, New sports engines etc. Any challenging engineering project.

Scott technical information on website

Moss Engineering


This is our offering as a start.  We have tried to avoid the more specialised suppliers, so if you have a problem that is not covered here, please enquire from

We ask your help to enlarge this section for the sake of all, so send in your recommendations worldwide. © 2003

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