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  Problems Setting Pilgrim Pump

A question..

Roger I saw with great interest your comments about oil and hot starting. i have recently purchased a 1936 Flyer and had no idea what oil was in it when bought. I have had to replace the oil because I used it up and was advised to purchase Silkolene super two two stroke oil. I have done this but am now experiencing excessive smoking ( the scott that is) on tickover and after overun and also am finding it difficult to regulate one side of the pilgrim pump in as much as it is pulsing but cannot identify a clear drop of oil running down the pump, what tends to happen is that it collects round the base of the beak and runs down ad hoc, making it very difficult to regulate , by the way the beaks are not the same one appears to be aluminium and the other of steel construction. To get to my point would the castrol oil you recommend be of any advantage to me and where could I get some from?


  We have two subjects here

1)  Pilgrim pump

The problem you describe is quite common.  It may be that the pump is not mounted horizontally, so that one beak will not drop oil, and it flows round underneath instead.  Of course from how you describe the difference between the two beaks, then someone could have done some work on it!

My first suggestion is to put the bike on an incline so that the malfunctioning beak points more downhill.

It is likely that you will now see drips.

If the drips are not clear, remove the top cover and plastic window, it will not affect the operation and you can clean it while it is removed.

If you have the correct Pilgrim pump with the knurled adjuster, turn it anti clockwise about one turn.

Start the engine. keep at fast tickover speed.

Opening the delivery of the pump will make sure you blow out any air.

Now close up the oil delivery knurled knob until the beak pulses four times and then drops a drop on the fifth pulse.  (This is the setting for lubrication using the Pilgrim pump only and no oil in petrol)

Do the same on both sides of the pump.  Put a paint mark on the knob each side to give a future guide.  Screw the adjuster in till it stops and count the turns then return to original position.  You can now say that the best setting would be (For Instance) Two and a half turns from full in and that will give your paint mark to the top.

Go out for a run.

After one mile, stop with the engine running and gear in neutral.

Look and see that the pump is still dripping.

You should be able to see through the window without removing it each time.

Do look if the pump has been mounted at an angle and correct this if possible, otherwise you might have to find a slight hill each time for one beak.

2)  Oil

I am sure that Silkolene Super Two is a perfectly good oil for normal use.

If it is thinner than what was previously in the tank, then it will go through the pump faster and maybe hence the smoke.

I use my engine much harder than normal and so will choose to use what I have found to be the best lubricant and lubrication system.

I choose to use old fashioned Castor grade 40  as in Castrol R 40.  I am sure that you can get it from many places, I use Supreme Motorcycles of Earl Shilton Leics. Uk. tel  UK 01455 841 133  web

I can also recommend them for relining brakes and clutches and many classic British bike requisites.

Silkolene also do a castor based oil, but is  thinner and less prone to stay on the walls of the bores etc when left standing.

I would recommend that oil to the ratio of 5% is used in the petrol and then the dripper / Pilgrim set at 1 drop every 7 pulses.

Petroil is much more reliable and you will not have a disaster if the Pilgrim stops working while you are out on a long ride.

Petroil also gives more oil when you are at wider throttle openings.  The Pilgrim only will keep supplying oil when you go down a long hill with throttle closed.  In this instance, too much oil.  When you climb the other side of the valley with wide open throttle, it still gives the same amount,  perhaps too little.

Ok to sum up. 

For normal riding (not like me)

about 5% mixing oil in premium unleaded petrol (or normal unleaded)

Set pilgrim to one drip every 7 pulses.

Belt and braces!

If you want to avoid putting oil in the petrol

Set Pilgrim to one drip every 5 pulses. © 2003

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