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     A Short Story

  1. We Rebuild Engine
  2. Owner says it performs 'beyond expectations..' on a 200 mile run
  3. Sitting at traffic lights the engine note changes and he has no power
  4. He agonises for several days without success in solving the problem
  5. Brings to Us
  6. We look at Exhaust (even removing it at the manifold)
  7. We look at Carburation (changing to different carburettor)
  8. We look at Magneto (fitting different magneto)
  9. We look at the door
  10. We strip the Engine to check the glands and look for Damage..

When we put the engine back together after having fitted new gaskets throughout

It still didnt go

but this time

When i removed the Exhaust Again

The Machine Sprung into life..

I took the Replica Howarth

and shook it

and the Baffle slid up and down inside

like a valve.

The back pressure created by the baffle by shutting off the outlet during use had blown out the rubber cylinder base gaskets allowing
the crankchamber gas to blow through into the inlet tract, and ruining the breathing.
Ths is why even after we removed the exhaust the first time.
A problem still existed.

So Success!

and we were very happy about it!

You just got to keep going..

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