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        The Scott Crank

The main weakness of a long stroke Scott is the crankshaft. It is not a case of if it will fail, only WHEN!

Existing cranks are now elderly and nearing the end of their service life.


When they fail, they often damage the crankcase. 

This is repaired by welding which distorts the case and compromises the alignment of the main bearings. 

Moss Engineering is now taking orders for the New Batch of Cranks to be ready for delivery late 2006, or early 2007.


At this point no more high strength Long Stroke Cranks are available.

Please contact us here to register your interest.

Our procedure is to request 50% deposit at start of manufacture, the balance being payable on delivery. 

 In respect of rapidly advancing prices of materials and processes  we are currently assessing the impact on production. All Previously ordered Cranks will be £560, which is discounted from the retail price of those made for Stock.

We will make some small quantity of cranks for those who might later wish to purchase from our stock. These stock cranks will be sold at £625 per set.

For more information on these cranks click here or go to our Moss Scott Cranks section © 2003

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