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   Information for New Owners                                                                                                                                                3390    29-07-06


Dear New Owner

Welcome to the world of Scotts.

When in good order, they are very pleasing machines.

When I first had a Scott in 1967, I found a lack of information and spares.

At this time I was fully occupied with our family business designing and manufacturing special machine tools, mostly for the automotive industry.

Because of this, my Scott activities were confined to the maintenence and development of my vintage racing Scott.

Racing soon shows where there are weaknesses and some study showed that the Scott engine design, last updated in 1928 when fuel octane was approx 60, had considerable scope for improvement.

After some years, the decline of the UK manufacturing industries which were our customers, brought the demise of our family company and I made the decision to get back to my roots and work "hands on" and offer to other Scott owners what I had learned.  This included the manufacture of spares where these were found difficult to obtain.

We decided to privately try and provide technical help via this website and make, where possible, spare parts. as a private venture, so that future owners might have more support.  

My son Richard and I have put as much technical information as we could in order of importance, but the site also contains, stories, both written and audio, our services and video clips. Please take time to search it’s contents.

I made contact with a new enthusiastic pro active Scott owner in Australia named Steve Enticott.

We decided to produce a free email newsletter for Scott enthusiasts to be issued every two months

This covers Lifestyle, Subscriber profiles, Subscriber Scott experiences, Scott technical information.  

Steve has now had to give up editing this newsletter and Scott owner Graham Parker then assumed the editor,s job.

After a while, Graham was obliged to give up and my old friend the irrepressable Ted Parkin took over as editor of our free Scott bi monthly newsletter.

If you would like to recieve this newsletter just send an email request to Ted at or myself at

Another Australian owner, Bill Jamieson, collated the many technical articles published in the Scott Owners Club "Yowl" over many years.

Steve Enticott has now made these available online at

This site also has a library section for past editions of our free email newsletter

We are aware that unlike other one make clubs, the Scott Owners Club does not publish a membership list.

This means that even if there was another owner who could help living locally to you, you have no way of knowing this.  We promote a system called the Scott Exchange.  If you wish to know if there are subscribers to our newsletter near to you, just send me a message.  I will check our files and contact the nearest people and ask if we can pass on their email address to you.

Our efforts to provide a wider selection of Scott information on the web has been helped by our new Dutch friend     Erik van Dongen.  Erik is building a very interesting website at

The Scott Owners Club now has a website with interesting information at

The most interactive element of this is the “Forum” which can be accessed directly at

Here owners can pose questions and receive all kinds of support from other owners.

As regards authenticity, then the acknowledged expert for many years was the late SOC Registrar, John Underhill

Fortunately , John  produced a series of three books known as, “The Scott Selection” No 1, No 2 No 3 as his legacy to us all.

These books are based round authentic original photographs of almost all models, together with informative comments from John’s long experience with Scotts. 

They must be considered as an invaluable guide to any restorer.

These books are published by the VMCC (Vintage Motorcycle Club) and can be obtained from them, either individually or as a set at a discounted price, at:-

The duty of Scott Owners Club registrar has now been taken over by  Ian Parsons.  Musterpit House,  Winwick, Northampton,  NN6 6NZ  Email

When sending information by post that you require to be returned, please include return payment
Photocopies of Scott model handbooks can be obtained from

For Scott Spares, you have the following options

Scott Owners Club Spares Scheme

Spares Secretary / Graham Moag.  12 Hollybush Road,  Dundrum,  Co. Down,  N. Ireland  BT33 0NT  email  Tel UK 028437 51990

SOC Spares via

Please note.  The SOC Spares scheme is officially allowed to sell spares to SOC members only

Other independent suppliers are listed in the SOC magazine “Yowl and on our owners group website at

A list of recommended suppliers is included in every newsletter for ready reference.

We send our very kindest regards and wish you many happy years with your Scott. © 2003

email or